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Walking in Energy Seminar in Norway

Walking in Energy: Live Seminar with Michael Monk and Peter Shelton - November 2012, Oslo, Norway

From Catherine Larssen - Seminar Coordinator:
"It was one of the most powerful, positive, real and inspiring events I have seen. This was a first time thing for Peter and Michael. Their work was not yet known in Norway (but is quickly getting known now!), in spite of that, 30 people showed up for a six hour day, fully charged with knowledge about energy, live demonstrations, real-life stories and passion. Something was given to each and every person that can just add to what they are already doing and empower them in big ways. By the end of the night, we were invited to Spain, North-Norway, South-Norway and the west coast for more events like this and more energy work. Short individual sessions were also done simultaneously during the course of the day, and many people got important healing to unblock and allow their energies to flow more freely for the things to manifest in their lives that they wish for. These guys are "on fire"! And we are all looking forward to more fun with more people in many places. Much love to all and thank you for your enthusiasm, joy and gratitude - we got more positive feedback then we were dreaming of!"

Videos: Feedback after the show from Seminar attendees