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Unveiling the Matrix - Online Learning Seminar and Activation

Discounted Cost for Recording: $47
Description: Unveiling the Matrix
Michael Monk and Michael Grubb held an online learning seminar (webinar) and activation on June 14th that is now available to the general public! Our material is usually only released to students of Avatar Energy Mastery Institute, but this topic is vital for all to understand and has been delivered in a format that can easily be comprehended no matter what level of energy/mind mastery you are at!

You have heard that this reality is a matrix but what 'exactly' does that mean?
How can one learn to not only feel the matrix but also see it?
How can one use this knowledge to effectively create their reality?

These questions are addressed in the most logical, clear and grounded format ever presented, by teachers who can actually demonstrate their connection to the universal energy grid with telekinetic abilities!

In addition to the lecture, we also performed an activation for all that attend that will provide a 'quickening' of your consciousness to be better able to make the knowledge you gained 'experiential'. The activation transcends time/space, so just tune in to the activation at any time as though it were happening in that moment. Prepare to be astonished and enlightened no matter what level of understanding you are at!

 Namaste and God Bless you All
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 Michael Monk & Michael Grubb
 Avatar Energy Mastery Institute

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