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Unity and Coming from the Heart

I get frustrated with all the talk/philosophy about unity and coming from the heart.... All they do is apply this mentally to their world of separation... All it does is set them at greater variance against themselves and their nature as separate creatures... Unity must become experiential and there is only ONE way to do that...

Connect to the collective consciousness and work on your energy until your field of consciousness is expanded past your body and then KNOW you are one with everything... This is the ONLY way the changes we desire will ever take place as a race... Then it is your nature that has changed, not just your mentality, then you are no longer at variance with yourself because of the philosophy you embrace... Coming from the heart becomes natural, acting out of unity becomes automatic...

I AM Free
Free to be me
Free to be you
Spontaneous I AM
And Joyful Forever
All is One
♥ ---> ♥ <--- ♥

Love and Blessings
Michael Monk

Important Note: (Though Michael is an authority when it comes to energy mastery, he wishes you to make your own conclusions via experiential data on all things spiritual and religious)