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Understanding Telekinesis

The human body and mind are wired to have a completely different 3rd dimensional experience than the one we are currently having. When one does enough prayer, meditation, and concentration exercises, the nerve fibers begin to grow in size from the repeated exposure to greater amounts of energy conduction. Just as when we lift weights the muscles grow, so as we meditate and utilize our mind energy our nerve fibers grow in size to carry a greater signal.

When the strength of the signal the nerves can carry gets strong enough, the electromagnetic field they generate around your body will become perceivable to your mind.... This is where all external gifts of the spirit begin to manifest. Once the consciousness of mind is expanded past the body, depending on your level/gift of empathy, you will begin to 'communicate' in various degrees with the molecular structures around you. They will feel little different than an extension of your mind, just as your body feels.

I state at this point that the spiritual/mental connection to your surrounding environment is the true joy and bliss, the greatest 'prize' that dedication to this path provides. Telekinesis, telepathy, healing, weather control and projecting out of body into 'this' plane are just byproducts of the re-connection. Everything about the human experience gets amplified exponentially with this re-connection. It is truly like being reborn. The wind will blow and you will feel it at 5 feet away, not just when/where it contacts your skin. You will eat an orange and feel its essence/vibration in every cell in your body. You will touch a tree and feel as though the tree is another 'body' of yours, feeling the sunshine hitting the top and the water coming up the roots, and I wont even begin to describe how the sexual experience gets heightened for that is a book in itself.

That being said allow me to return to explaining telekinesis. I will assume that whoever is reading this has seen my videos on moving the water with mind and spirit, so I will explain how I am doing that. I first clear the mind and put all of my focus in the center of my mind, after 1-3 seconds the strength of my centralized magnetic focus causes my pineal gland in my mind's center to begin to excrete dmt (dimethytryptamine) . This causes an immediate acceration and amplification of my magnetic field as well as a visual and feeling connection to the universal energy beneath all matter.

Next I place my hands in the water and begin to expand my mental awareness past my hands and into the electromagnetic field they are generating. Once my mind is past my hands I do mental empathy with the vibration/feeling of the water. When this is achieved, I feel both my hands and the water they are immersed in as being part of my 'body'. So just as surely as when you wish to flex your hand you get a response from the muscles in it, so do i get a response from the water I am touching.

I feel it important to note here that with the connection I have, two types of telekinesis are possible... I will label one as 'force' and the other as love, or communication. With a pure heart and mind one can simply communicate with molecular structure and it will use its own force/energy to respond. I am not yet a master of empathy or I could do things WAY beyond telekinesis with molecular structures. I have performed many feats with this but as I cannot repeat these consistently yet, we will focus on what I can do every time, which has more to do with force. But I will say that I have made (requested would be a better word) water transform instantly from a solid state to a liquid state with NO FORCE, no friction, no heat exchange, just communication then a change in form.

Back to 'force'... The force that I use I will label as biomagnetism. When I expand my consciousness past my body and come into communication with the surrounding environment, my mental will power has an immediate effect on the molecular structures around me. By using mental motions I can use 'biomagnetism' to attract or repel. ALL elements respond to this magnetism and I can generate it in amounts that your machines will be able to perceive and measure. I can attract or repel anything, and am telekinetic with all of the elements. I state for obvious reasons that solid objects are the hardest to move with biomagnetism though I have several times. Although it is only a matter of time until I can move solid objects on demand, I do not offer that yet to you for research as I cannot repeat it with consistency. I can however, whenever I wish and in front of whoever I wish, move wind, water and fire (air and fire are the easiest) .

I hope this letter is of assistance to all of you in your consideration of researching me and wish to state that I was not born with these gifts. 3 years ago I decided I would like to have them and believed in my ability to obtain them. I read no books and had no 3rd Dimension teachers, what I know is not taught, I learned all of it in isolation and meditation.

(This is a letter I wrote to a group of psychic researchers who are contacting for research with me)

I AM Free
Free to be me
Free to be you
Spontaneous I AM
And Joyful Forever
All is One
♥ ---> ♥ <--- ♥

Love and Blessings
Michael Monk

Important Note: (Though Michael is an authority when it comes to energy mastery, he wishes you to make your own conclusions via experiential data on all things spiritual and religious)