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Understanding Earth's Chakras

I must demystify this as so many are thinking in the wrong direction when it comes to the chakras of celestial bodies. Thinking in this direction is not only wrong but also counterproductive to achieving planetary unity. We dont need to debate about the location of these chakras, making (in our minds) one part of the planet more special than another.

Chakras of celestial bodies (planets, suns) are not spread around the surface as we have been thinking... We must think spherically... Thus the root is the planet's core, the surface of the planet is the heart and the peak of our atmosphere the crown. Is it coincidence then that the core happens to be red, the surface filled with green and the sky blue? (in tibetan understanding indigo and violet are just higher expressions of blue)

I AM Free
Free to be me
Free to be you
Spontaneous I AM
And Joyful Forever
All is One
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Love and Blessings
Michael Monk

Important Note: (Though Michael is an authority when it comes to energy mastery, he wishes you to make your own conclusions via experiential data on all things spiritual and religious)