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My Experiences Talking to God - Bridging Religion with Metaphysics

It all started near the end of 1999. I was with my younger brother and we were watching a comedy movie, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and just mindlessly laughing and having fun. Out of nowhere I felt a huge presence/energy descend into the top of head. It was accompanied by an audible, yet also telepathic, voice of authority, power and love.

"Stop laughing..." was its first words to me, I obeyed... "Stand up.... Turn the TV off..." I obeyed the request and then questioned as to who or what I was talking to. "Grandfather...?" I asked (he had recently passed on and was deeply bonded to me). "YES...!" The voice replied and exciting shivers and energies ran down my whole body. But I then felt a sense of something more, like another presence in the same energy... "Cousin Jason...?" I asked (had also recently passed). "YES...!" The voice replied and same exciting shivers coursed through my body.

I paused momentarily and did an internal 'double take' then said, "OK... you are Grandfather AND Cousin Jason... I AM confused..." The instant I said that I had a powerful vision (3rd eye opened) of endless amounts of light beings (heavenly host) all connected by tubes of light and speaking together as ONE VOICE... I then knew instantly who/what I was talking to... "Father...!" I exclaimed, "Is this what it is like on the other side?? We are all connected sharing all thoughts and feelings...?"

"You have finally met me..." The voice replied in a steady and patient tone. "Now you may ask me any questions and I will give you a space in time to answer them..." We talked for 2 hours that night and I was told so many things about the nature of reality, though at the time I was heavily entrenched in 'modern' Christianity so most of my questions were biblical in nature.

I would not find out or learn anything about channeling energy or 'the new age' until 2008 as I stayed very reclusive about sharing my experiences with anybody and was quite frankly too caught up in my own emotional dramas at the time to become the servant of the light that I AM. But I believe it is powerful testimony that knowing nothing of new age philosophies, only Christianity, that I was shown the basic truths that the new age embraces - collective consciousness, oneness, higher planes, light beings, channeling and energy.

Because of the solidity of my faith, having experienced that communication, I have witnessed many amazing miracles via prayer to God in the name of Jesus. Most notable of these, and the first, was instantaneous healing of an open flesh wound. A severe puncture wound to my left eyeball was healed instantaneously with a sincere prayer followed by/answered with vibration and energies. Second most notable was instantaneous healing of a cancerous tumor for a woman who was going to need her leg to be amputated.

I did not discover energy mastery until in 2008 when I began to read 'The Law of One - RA Channelings' by Carla Rueckert having been led there by an internet search on 2012. I was amazed beyond belief to be feeling what I then called 'The Holy Ghost' while reading the powerful words of the channeling. The same feeling I always felt when God the Father talked to me was supporting this material that would have gotten you burned at the stake just 200 years ago. During the reading of this material I began to vibrate with MASSIVE force and 'The Voice' of God told me to go outside and get away from people. I obeyed and experienced for the first time what I call dematerialization of the physical body, which is vibrating slightly faster than visible light and shifting form with full waking focus into the etheric light body.

Thus began my quest to FULLY understand and master my 'conscious' use of etheric energy to create my own miracles as well as receive via prayer. I stand in a very unique position, for I bridge two belief systems that are currently at great variance with each other. Christianity (and indeed all Patriarchal religions) and New Age Philosophy (collective consciousness and metaphysics).

There can be NO MORE 'right' or 'wrong' system of beliefs. AS a race we MUST become as one or there will be GREAT catastrophe. ALL the major belief systems are valid and we will all soon see how it easily incorporates into a singular 'whole' that we can all work with. AS a race we can move past all of our divisions and into something brand new indeed - The Collective Consciousness of the New Earth.

We WILL replace speech with telepathy and we WILL replace physical labor with telekinesis and manifestation... But ONLY if we are as ONE...

Namaste (I see the divine in you)
Espavo (Thank you for claiming your power)

and AMEN

I AM Free
Free to be me
Free to be you
Spontaneous I AM
And Joyful Forever
All is One
♥ ---> ♥ <--- ♥

Love and Blessings
Michael Monk

Important Note: (Though Michael is an authority when it comes to energy mastery, he wishes you to make your own conclusions via experiential data on all things spiritual and religious)