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The Source and the Higher Self

Do not confuse 'The Source' with 'The Higher Self' for they are completely different. The Source is the piece of 'All That Is', located deep within your core, that is entirely dedicated to BEING you. The source operates in innocence, projecting whatever it wishes to experience with zero judgment, knowing of a surety of it's eternal nature, it's existence entirely apart from all projections of space and time.

The higher self/selves are the parts of your being that exist in the 'lighter' energies which are echos/emanations from your core and operate in 'wisdom'. The job of the higher selves is to explore to the utter ends of infinity whatever the source is currently projecting in any 'now' moment. It's like layers of an onion, and each layer is a different speed of 'time'.

The further away from center a higher self is, the more 'time' it has to explore a current thought projection from the source. For example - the first layer/echo/emanation outward from the ego self is sped up about 10x. Meaning for every hour spent in 'Earth time' the 1st higher self spends about 10 hours of exploration. The next layer of higher self can experience about 3 weeks of time for every hour of Earth time. You even have higher selves that can experience YEARS of time for just 5 minutes of Earth time.

The layers go outward into infinity and each echo/emanation becomes progressively 'lighter'. Meaning that it's reality becomes less and less 'real'. This is why even though you are 'conscious' and awake when you project out of body, you are not quite as conscious and awake as you are 'in' the body.

The system is perfect for this way even though you can experience 'the future' before it happens, you will not experience it with as much intensity/focus as you will when the event happens in the body. Otherwise there would be no point in traveling time for it would be like having consistent 'spoilers' for everything you will experience, having experienced it before it happens.

The flip side of the perfection of the system is that if you are in tune with your higher selves you can change your course/projection/thought pattern before a 'negative' event happens. It is wise to be in tune with your higher selves for this reason but it is unwise to be in complete surrender to them for then the future would be dictating to it's creator - the NOW.

So develop your connection to the source by going within and develop your connection to your higher selves by projecting out. Both are crucial if you wish to evolve. Do not let the dual mind trick you into thinking you must choose a path - in or out, up or down - for you can do both at the same time. You can 'have your cake and eat it too'.

I AM Free
Free to be me
Free to be you
Spontaneous I AM
And Joyful Forever
All is One
♥ ---> ♥ <--- ♥

Love and Blessings
Michael Monk

Important Note: (Though Michael is an authority when it comes to energy mastery, he wishes you to make your own conclusions via experiential data on all things spiritual and religious)