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2013 September Retreat in San Antonio

AEMI's 2013 Spring/Summer Retreat

This was yet another amazing experience with our wonderful and beautiful Soul Family. It is so special to have the opportunity to forge new bonds of deep connection and friendship. All of you are so beautiful. ♥

We made delicious soups and fresh salads that were enjoyed by all.

We healed an ear and changed an overcast day into gorgeous, cool sunshine that lasted until our departure. Before that, we brought in torrents of rain that partially refilled the dry lake behind the house.

Michael led energy exercises in the mornings.
We did some amazing meditations and mergings, and Barbara brought out the hydrokinesis. Robert led a yoga group, and Garret did some acupunture.

A HUGE thank you and shout-out to Roslyn and her family for their generosity in allowing us to use their family vacation home. The energy is great there, and I hope we have added to and boosted it.
Also to Roslyn's sister Cindy, who let us use her Escalade for airport and grocery trips, and to Roslyn's friends who made us delicious homemade mexican food on the first night.

Please enjoy the testimonials, and photo and video memories below.

♥ Francesca ♥

Photo Memories

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