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2013 June Retreat in the Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains

AEMI's 2013 Spring/Summer Retreat

This gathering was an amazing and wonderful experience for all of us. Our AEMI family came from many places and walks of life - Belgium, Canada, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, New York... We all felt the Soul Family connection in one another, and forged unforgettable bonds of friendship and love.

We ordered delicious pizza from Galeano's on Camelback Rd. (*shout out!*), and Michael prepared his incomparable soups - Mexican Chicken and Tom Kha Gai.

Many amazing healings occured - most interestingly a deaf ear and a stutter - both life-long and "incurable" issues.

A very, very special recognition and thanks to our dear Paige for her time and artistry in filming the event. We are so grateful.

Thank you to Bob and Tere for the use of your house.

Thank you to every single one of our Soul Family who attended - every one of you are beautiful and powerful Souls.

Michael and I are very much looking forward to our next retreat. We can't wait to meet more members of our Soul Family in person!

Much Love and many thanks to you all...

♥ Francesca ♥

Photo Memories

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At Big Pocono State Park

Soul Family

Merging with Water, and Our Star Pupil, Hachi!

A dream called Avatar Energy Mastery Institute Retreat. Real. Down-to-earth benefits. Rewrites the books. Practical. Exciting re-defining moments. Healing and transforming experiences. Memorable bonds and breakthroughs. Innovation. Liberation. Renewal. Teaches all the techniques to realize the truth of reality and energy mastery. Energy-intense. WOW!

~Jane McCarthy~

I was only able to stay for a few days, but even in a short time being with the avatars was amazing and inspiring. Some of the most powerful experiences were watching the stars dance, being able to feel the inward and outward pull of each other's souls, watching Michael, Francesca and Henry heal with their energy, and just being a part of the collective energy of the group as a whole. There are some amazing and beautiful souls in this group and I feel humbled and so grateful to be a part of it <3


I would say one of the highlights was when one of the students who had a chronic stuttering issue received an out of body treatment that stop all of his stuttering. I too experienced some healing. We ate some amazing soups prepared by Micheal and we all shared much love. Each member brought with them their invaluable qualities and we learned not only from Micheal but one another. I really feel, scratch that- I know that everyone that attended benefited from the overlapping of souls. Laughter flowed and so did the tears..... awesome energy! Much love to the Avatars

~Rodney Beckham~

A beautiful experience and got to meet so many of my family members in person....can't wait to meet the rest of you all in the same...energy was awesome as healings occurred, we felt the tangibility of our connection with existence, had the most dynamite meals and fellowship....It was like the beginning of what is to come, the tip of the iceburgh...like many of you it increased my desire to acquire our physical locations where we can teach and grow with many...places that hold such a vibration that cancer, aids, sickness, depression cannot exsist...we can well our own water, grow and get our own food, and so on and so on....it was overall great, and am greatful to all who attended ♥

~Matthew Michaud~

A wondrous experience it was ! It was truly a manifestation of what is to be. My time at the retreat cannot be expressed through words but only felt in ones heart. Unbelievable to be in the presence of the Avatars. Very intense vibrations of love just radiated the whole time. Many small teaching were going on all the time from the Avatars that were so beneficial for growth and inspiration.

Michael Monk and Francesca are truly great authentic teachers. They will go out of their way for you to understand. Another great bonus was meeting Mathew. This Avatar has a soft voice but look out , he has tremendous energy. This was a special time. It was the first retreat. I am so grateful to have been a part of it.

~Infinite gratitude, Cherie Swart~

I woke in a panic as the rumblings of her luggage and the people gathered finally broke through my slumber. "Jane!" I called and leaped out of bed toward the door. Cheri and Terre stood between the two of us, me inside the room and Rose outside with the sun and wind in her hair. Our eyes locked and I froze. There was absolute peace there, total acceptance and pure love. "Latte," she told me telepathically. "I'm just going for a latte."

That was our code for all the things we couldn't say in that moment, for the mere thought of them created a burden of unbearable pain, the weight of which would force the floodgates of tears to open and uncontrollably flow.

"Latte," I concurred telepathically, and slowly turned back into the room. "Just going for a latte," I told myself as I crawled back into bed, and may she return this time in fewer than the thousands of years it took to find each other again.

~Paige Erlich~

It was killer. I could only stay for a few days but we did a lot. Played with the stars at night, did a lot of soul merging, went to the mountains and did energy. Some really really cool experiences.

~Henry Lane~

It was awesome! Being in the presence of so many of my soul family, merging souls, remembering... Hugging Michael Monk is indescribable. I could feel his powerful soul mass coiled up inside his beautiful body like a dragon; it was wild and wonderful. I was surprised at the depth of emotion that came out of me when I was hugging him good-bye. I was sobbing like a child, or a mother leaving her favorite child. I knew we had a powerful connection but this was off the charts. I've never felt an emotion quite like it. We merged just before I left to such an extent that our heads melted into one another's. It felt very strange. Michael had to tell me what happened lol. I feel him within me still and it's beautiful.

I'm absolutely smitten with Francesca and hope to spend much more time with her really soon. (Hachi is madly in love with her also--he has the most refined taste in women). :D

Being with the avatars was truly like being with family. We laughed and cried together; we gazed into one another's eyes; we bonded body, mind and soul. We played with nature and did some of the lessons together. The first time I did Lesson 1 Advanced with Gavin and Ed I had the most powerful experience. I could feel my etheric hands so good inside my body! I know it was from doing the lesson together. We are so strong together, dear family! As someone who can feel the energies of others from vast distances I had forgotten the importance of physical connection. The retreat showed me how important this connection is.

We missed our brothers and sisters who couldn't be with us; we felt the space where you should have been. Some of you probably felt us talking fondly about you; missing you and sending you love. I'm so honored that I was able to be with my avatar family. Sometimes I miss you all so much it's like a physical pain. We must get together soon--medic!!!! :(

~Barbara Hurry~

I forgot something! The wondrous meals so lovingly prepared for us. Michael Monk is a fantastic chef (PLEASE post the Mexican chicken soup recipe!). I could taste the love in the food he prepared and feel his beautiful energy coursing thru my body as I ate his gift. I actually dreamed about his soup the night after we ate it.

Gavin cooked the most delicious fried eggs for us with vanilla. I've been using vanilla on my eggs ever since, but they're not as good as the ones Gavin fixed for me. It was such a treat to have beautiful powerful avatars cook for me with such love. They would cook then bring me my plate or bowl with their gifts of love as if I were someone special. ♥ I felt so honored and humbled and loved. Brothers, I appreciate your gifts with all my heart. ♥ I can feel those same feelings whenever I remember.

~Barbara Hurry~

I am thankful and grateful that I was able to join and meet all energy masters and avatars in person. It was like meeting my family in a physical location.
I can't stress enough the power and importance of the physical density presence, without interference nor time/distance in between. My results are that my experiential energy learning grew exponentially!!!.
I felt like I am another more complete self: feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, tasting or listening at once, or overlap amazing experiences, totally unknown to me before. I feel I am healing but also my energy and consciousness are in expansion. What I am able to experience now is much, much more....>>>
I needed to feel the reality of the infinite, that reality behind. The retreat was groundbreaking as I connected with my "I Am" presence and to "All that is". I am a witness of all Mother Nature help and support, through different manifestations, in an staggering totality. I witnessed instant healing of lifetime health issues. We can document this for the rest of the 3D world.
The retreat was profound... Truly, I feel now, without a doubt, I can and I will contribute to a greater good.
It was a wonderful experience to feel and experience all the energy, healing, experiential knowing of the best kind ever with the power of 'Now', in this realm of my life quest.
Honestly, words and intellect became to me limited tools to describe the retreat experience.
Thank you Michael Monk for making this possible. Thanks Francesca for all you are. Thanks Master Matthew. Thanks to all my Soul family.
I am honored for all that love, enlightening, wisdom, kindness, joy, peace and Blessings.
(I love the super delicious MM soup!).

~Desiree Briceno~

My trip to the Avatar summer retreat was just that a trip! Lets see so many highlights and not sure where to start ... I would start with watching Jane, Matthew, Henry do the hydrokinesis. Then the talks with Michael and Francesca and all the students and teachers really connecting an overlapping with all of them a deeply profound level. Learning from all. The campfires at night were a treat. Going up to Camelback mountain and working with energy at that location as a group was amazing! Watching and participating in energy healing with Michael as well as all of the Avatars, including Barbara, David, Gavin, Kevin, Joyce, Ed, Roslyn, Blake, Desiree, Victoria, Terre, Paige, Janice, Dan and lets not forget our host Bob and Tere! Our soul will never part! TNT! PS. One of side effects from the retreat was after I came home and realized that I had obtained a much greater level of omnipresence, a vivid awareness of my surroundings, like Walking in Energy!

~LOVE Rodney888~

Every person attending the retreat is seared into my conciousness. I merely think of them and their image is vividly present. Right here, right now. What a gift it has been to be in the company of expanded beings. Each is precious beyond words.

There were so many extraodinary experiences, it would be difficult to list them all, but here are a few-----a star flashing bright and big when Matthew and I gazed at it in an early morning hour, moving smoke easily and seeing live video of orbs dancing above the campfire, blending into others and soul dancing, seeing Paigee and Jane bonded in a precious moment, Rodney aping for a camera and producing a bright light on film---(he is the frog whisperer ---I witnessed him petting a frog and the frog responding by pressing back against his fingers. lol).

Most joyful for me was Gavin's transformation. I was giddy beyond expression for his fluent speech, changed posture and emerging lightness.

I experienced my own miracle - hearing in an ear that has never in this lifetime been functioning. I am beyond grateful for this experience. Now I know it is possible (despite medical doctors pronouncements) for me to be clear and project sound on my right side. I am glad I made a phone call that evening and used the ear I am unaccustomed to using! This was the last evening of the retreat, and unfortunately the next morning I was unable to sustain the vibration.

This just gives me motivation to practice the lessons more diligently. We really CAN create our reality; our own Paradise Earth.

Many thanks to Michael and Francesca and to all who managed to be there. Grateful shout-outs to St. Kevin and St. Dan, the brown eyed beauties Desiree and Roslyn, master of much Terre ......and Barbara with David and her precious Haichi, to Cheri who got what she came for and wise, kind Ed, sweet Henry and openly beautiful Victoria. Blessings to all at AEMI.

~Janice Roeder~

Oh man were do I begin...? The experience I had at the retreat with everyone is almost indescribable - especially when trying to recount things to people who weren't there. LOL my family still makes satanic cult references, but it's all in good fun - Now after being with all of you avatars, thinking about my dad's hilarious comments really make me laugh! I just can't wait until Paige releases here short documentary of the experience - Thank you Paige! It'll definitely stir a lot of emotions.

I'm so glad to have met all of you that attended, & I can't wait to meet my other brothers & sisters that were unable to make it. I would like to thank everyone for their patience, love, & help - especially with my stuttering situation - it really means a lot & I plan on being in control of my speech by the next time I see you all again!

I would like to say a special thanks to Michael for being such a brilliant teacher & healer ( and cook ) At first I didn't understand your methods, but over time I have realized many things from our experiences together - thank you for helping me learn & grow in a true & effective way! I thank you so much for working hard to destroy my stuttering once in for all - you have given me tangible proof that fluency is not just a dream, but a possible & very real reality - I've experienced it - I've never felt that liberated with my speech & my self expression before. Thank you brother - I have learned a lot!

Special thanks to Francesca for being awesome! You are also an excellent teacher, & you helped me see things from a different angle when things just weren't making a whole lot of sense for me. You have much love in your heart, & I am so glad to have met you in person!

Thank you Matthew Michaud (aka Mr. Freeze ) for your guidance & understanding. I had a lot of fun hanging & learning with you brother!

I had so much fun with the Soul dancing & merging - it was such a beautiful experience & it really helped me get past my need to control everything. Learning to really connect & experience was, for me, a hard lesson because I've always been so controlling with things in my life. Now I understand through all of these experiences at the retreat what I've been trying to learn for years & that is how to genuinely connect & express myself truthfully.

Ed, Kevin, & Rodney - you guys are awesome. I almost miss hearing you guys go back & forth with your smart ass jokes lmao No but seriously - you guys taught me a lot & I really connected with all of you on a level that I didn't expect I would on first arriving at the retreat. You all helped me get out of what I call my "stuttering-shell" & to just be me.

Jane - you touched my soul in a way that only a few people in my life ever have. You are beautiful in every way & I'm so happy that I was able to meet you... although it didn't feel like the first time - somehow I already knew you.

I don't want to leave anyone out, but I'm really bad at names lol Just know that I felt a connection with all of you that I met, & that I am so thankful for the experiences that we shared together. You guys are all so cool!

BTW - Thanks Barbara for making it sound like I can actually cook a meal LOL! I'm glad you liked the eggs & I was honored to make them for you & your husband. Tell Hachi I said Hi!

Last but not least, I would like to thank Bob & Tere for giving us a place to stay, eat, & have all of the awesome experience that we did! Thanks guys for your love & support!

If there are any students that are reading this who are still questioning whether they should go to the next retreat; just go for it - its worth it & you won't be disappointed. TRUST ME!

I love you all very much & I can't wait until we can do it all over again,

~Gavin Martinez~