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2014 April Retreat in San Antonio

AEMI's 2014 April Retreat

This was such an amazing group of Souls! It is always wonderful to meet more of our Soul Family - coming together is always more like a reunion with long lost family.
There were so many synchronicities (Like well over half of the people there being Aries!) - each and every person was the perfect puzzle piece - even down to the very last two who joined at the last minute - Kyle and Justin!
Everyone broke barriers and came away with an awakening and deeper understanding of themselves and of energy.

Casey, for example, had a deep awakening that has connected him to his amazing INSTANTANEOUS healing abilities, as did Devin, who now has the ability to speak directly with another person's higher self, and to work with energy and healing from dream space.

Michael Monk was able to film several new Course videos starring some of the attending students! ;)

Laurent Malaquis stayed for 2 days and got some really great footage for the Documentary he has been filming. He hopes to release it in the Fall of this year.

Nicole did some very powerful Reconnective healings.

I was able to do a few QHHT sessions, all of which were text-book perfect. I am truly blessed and honored to have been able to do this work with my Soul Family. I am always humbled to speak with the Eternal Soul - the omniscient, omnipotent part of all of us.

And, as Always, Our Love and Gratitude to Roslyn for the use of her family's gorgeous home, and to Michael K. (Divine Michael) who is always a huge help.

♥ Francesca ♥

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House and Grounds


Returned from the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute retreat last night. I have many successes from my training there and want to extend my LOVE and GRATITUDE toMichael Monk and Michael Grubb. You two complement each other and set the stage for seekers to fully integrate a whole new level of energetic perception and mastery.

Looking forward to our next retreat together.

Thank you...! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

The spring Avatar Energy Mastery Institute Energy work retreat... surpassed all my expectations (which I tried to put 'on pause' before I got there so I could just experience what was actually happening and not what I thought should happen...) Pretty cool experience... Still can't actually believe it... Joel Jacobson(who was there!) will keep reminding me it WAS real... met some of the best people ever... seriously, a size-able group, and NO duds!!! lololol! Like the best (and best paying) musical or theatre gig you've ever had but one where EVERYONE including the producer (lolol POTO on 'kindness-sterioids') was perpetually respectful and really gave a shit about the others' well being (for REAL)... ~Susan

It was an awesome 5 day retreat that we got to spend together at Rosyln's beautiful home in San Antonio, Texas. From the first day getting to meet everyone for the first time, it was just a comfortable feeling. It was like reuniting with family. The days at the retreat flew by so fast what with all the easy camaraderie we had formed. Both Michael Monk and Michael Grubb were awesome in sharing their teachings and advice freely. We got tips and techniques on various energy works, working with crystals, healing, aerokinesis, pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis and clairvoyance.

I have to give a big shout out and thanks to Francesca for taking such good care of everyone and just being there for us. We had such a great blend of personalities but most of all it was the big hearts and warm encouragement of the group that made it such a memorable retreat.

Love to you all and I can't wait till we get to do it again! ♥


Where do I begin?

The retreat was absolutely wonderful. Almost immediately upon arriving at the house michael monk showed me some incredible things one can do with crystals. The things I was shown every single day and night became more and more intense and wonderful.

Toward the end of a shamanic journey that the majority of us embarked upon I was sitting next to my new-found brother devin who suddenly had a very intense pain in his shoulder that wouldn't go away. I could see the pain in his face and body language. Suddenly I had a strong knowing that I could get rid of it. I built up a strong charge in my finger that I could feel more powerfully than I could ever feel energy before and I had the strong and very focused intent that I would send it into his shoulder and disperse the pain like a shock wave. I tapped his shoulder sending the energy into it and felt it disperse. I will never forget his reaction. He looked at me with a stunned look on his face and said "Woah dude!" He moved his shoulder around and I thought maybe he just felt strong energy or that tapping his shoulder caused the pain to get worse but somewhat to my surprise he then said "It's gone!" I had completely healed his pain instantly.

I walked to the bottom of a flight of steps with devin and cheri came and told me that she wanted me to try and heal some neck pain that she had from a surgery that she underwent. I had the slight thought that I wouldn't be able to do it since it was, after-all, pain from a SURGERY but I became very present and again the knowing that I could fix it took over. I touched her neck and back and was able to purely connect to the dense dark energy that I saw as the pain, I intuitively knew how to disperse it and to my and her awe, I was able to heal it! I proceeded to perform powerful healings for about a dozen people including mary ellen who had very bad back pain from a herniated disk in her spine which I was able to heal without it coming back even the next couple of days that I was with her.

That night after the first healings as I was lying in bed, I said to my soul "If you allow me to keep these abilities and continue to let them grow, I will be willing to dedicate my life to healing and teaching" The next day the abilities were still there and they keep getting stronger.

Upon returning home from the retreat I realized there was much work to be done. I was able to greatly diminish a friends pain that he had from a car crash he was in and I know that in the next session or two with him I will be able to get rid of it entirely. Today at work I performed a healing for a woman that I work with and she immediately light up and felt joy and excitement and went from selling next to nothing to having one of the best days of selling she had at work in a while. I also discovered that I can perform powerful distance healings. Just a few minutes ago I healed back pain for a woman who is living in mexico and I released strong emotional pain from her. She couldn't adequately express her gratitude but her "how can I thank you's" and 's were wonderful.

My abilities are not diminishing and instead are becoming stronger and more focused and creative. They are not limited to healing either but there will be other threads for that.

I am so thankful for this power that has been awoken in me and I will not allow it to go to waste. I may not be able to solve all of the worlds problems but with this power, I will do my best to make a big dent in those whom I encounter.

It was a truly spectacular experience. I bonded with so many people on a level deeper than family. I came out of the experience with so much more than I came there with. I have to admit I did feel a bit sad leaving that beautiful place and those amazing people behind but I know that our interactions are far from over.

I love you all ♥