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Skype or Phone - Teaching, Healing and Activation

$95: 30min - 1 hour

After payment is received, we will schedule with you via email.
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By feeling your energy via your voice or your video image Michael Monk is able to project a part of his soul energy out of his body and into yours, and can turn on dormant centers of your mind, unclog trapped energy centers, heal most pains and diseases, as well as connect you to the higher realms of collective consciousness.
You may ask him any questions related to energy mastery and evolution of the soul, receive powerful healings via prayer and energy projection for you or any of your loved ones, as well as receive distance activations from him.

*Michael is primarily a teacher of empowerment and a healer and does not offer psychic advice.

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Terre McCue is an extremely gifted
energy worker who has performed hundreds of successful healings and counseling sessions. She has a unique talent for getting to the heart of an issue
and knowing the perfect method of healing to resolve it.

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Barbara Hurry is an extremely gifted
and intuitive healer and energy worker.
She is compassionate and dedicated to
leaving every situation she encounters in
a better state than she found it.

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