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Dream Teaching - A Free and Amazing Experience

Michael Monk is actually most active as a teacher of enlightenment and empowerment in the dream world of the collective consciousness of Earth's Astral planes. He is fully multidimensional in this state and can visit an unlimited amount of people each night with no taxation whatsoever on his physical being, in fact quite the opposite as he lives to teach and heal.

Receiving Dream Teaching is actually very easy if you do the following:

He will be able to show you many things from this side of reality as your ego consciousness is at rest. When you meet him, ask him to take you to the 4d ascension school that he teaches. Many of you are there already. It is a frequent occurrence that upon meeting Michael that a person will realize things such as - "Oh my god, I know you! You are the one who taught me how to fly!". This never ceases to put a smile on his face.

Namaste Dear Brothers and Sisters,
With sincere regret I apologize that we must charge for most of our services offered. Energy is what propels all life and unfortunately money is still our chief system for transferring energy in the 3rd dimension. If your pocketbook is simply too light to afford our courses I offer to ALL: unlimited access to my multidimensional selves in 4d-9d.

By receiving Dream Teaching from me you will be connected to the 9d brother/sisterhood and will start to receive many visitations from other members of our collective as well (Jesus, St Francis, St Germain, Arch Angels, and MANY others will be available to you once I expand your consciousness).

And PLEASE contact me and write of your experiences when you meet me so that I may archive them.

Love infinite to all of you

$0 - absolutely free